Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Auburn, How you Daaahh?

Well everyone, I just have to say this football season has been one wild and crazy ride for me and the fam. I am one of the biggest Auburn University football fans you might ever meet. I have been enjoying their wild ride to the top of the polls but if we win out and don't get that top BCS bowl bid I think I might just not be happy (to put it nicely). We have a good team in the University of Alabama to play this week who has one of the top defenses in the country, but also one of the weekest offenses. Normally, on paper this game would be an easy call for anyone, but with it being the type of rivalry that it is, it's rarely an easily won game by either side. Then we are left with the SEC title game in Atlanta against a struggling Tennessee team, but they are going to be in the title game so who knows. I don't know if we will win out, but if we do I will certainly be pretty upset if we don't get the chance to play in the National title game. Yes, I know, Oklahoma has a claim to the game too, but when you paly in a conference championship game against a team that could likely be 6-5, I'm not sure that counts as a tough confernce schedule. Anyway's, I want to see Auburn in and get a chance to paly for the big one.

Roll Tide!
I have to tip my hat to the Auburn Tigers for their win on Saturday. Congratulations Bear and all of the other Tiger fans out there. I am a Bama fan and I think Auburn played a great game. If we can't go for the big one, then there is no other team in the conference I would rather see do it. I wish you the best. Now, don't mistake my kindness as weakness, We will see you next year. Roll Tide!!! Congratulations again.
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