Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Jason Giambi, Hows your Testicles Daaahh?

This post goes out to all the baseball players who have small testicles, a huge cranium, and oversized muscles (this means steroids to you lay persons out there). What are you all thinking? Now I know that to keep up with all of the other players in the league you might actually have to put in some extra hard work in the offseason and do the extra things to make you better, but if I recall correctly that's pretty much a part of every job. To get the added bonuses, to get the better positions, to move up "the corporate ladder" you have to go the extra mile and do the extra work and that never involved taking shortcuts. Some people might think its easier to sleep their way to the top or backstab and suck-up, but these are the same people who are not respected in their profession. I now no longer respect most baseball players for this reason. Instead of working hard in the offseason to make themselves better for their team and family they take shortcuts called untraceable steroids. I hope if Steinbriner, ever does one thing that I respect, it will be to get rid of Giambi and any other players in his evil empire that are steroid users. The same goes out to my beloved Atlanta Braves and any other teams in the league. Also to the players, what kind of a message are you sending to kids. Well its a pretty crappy one if you didn't know. Kids today idolize the players in the big leagues of many different sports and you are teaching them all of the wrong things. Well I'll leave you with this one thought, When your 55 and your testicles are the size of BB's and you have Bitch tits, and a number of tumors eating away at your body you might regret the whole thing about getting the extra edge.

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