Wednesday, December 22, 2004

My Favorite Over Advertised , Money Grubbing Time of the Year

Well, its come to my attention that its Christmas time once again. I've been told that I'm supposed to make merry and joyful, but all the advertising and asking me to spend more of my hard earned bucks on things that shouldn't matter but always seem to, is starting to piss me right off. This will be my 22nd Christmas and people let me tell you something, I'm getting quite tired of the meaning of Christmas being buying more gifts and going to more parties rather than concentrating on the things that truly matter. You may be asking yourself at this very moment.......What things really matter? I'm going to tell you. It's going to church and celebrating the birth of the savior of the world and spending time with family and friends. The thing is, this whole holiday was started about 2000 years ago when the birth of a man started this holiday. I know the gifts we give today represent the gifts given by the three wise guys, but I don't think Jesus ever got a "Tickle me Elmo" or anything like that. I'm pretty sure a lot of people need to rethink their reasons for giving and exactly what they give because most of these companies that do all of this advertising for seasons greetings and most other things are giving very little and receiving a lot more. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying stop giving cause Lord knows I do it too, but when you buy something for someone make it meaningful don't make it what's cool because as I think about how a lot of the toys that I thought were so cool back in the day, how many of those toys and things are cool now........not very many I guarantee. Enough of cynicism.......Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

You get invited to parties? I'm jealous.
Wonder if the VideoNow players & Jimmy Neutron discs I got my kids are meaningful? Whatever, they seem to like them. Hope your holiday was great for you...
Nice blog.
I didn't intend to post that last comment as anon. It's me, Sara T.
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