Thursday, February 17, 2005

I'm Baaaaaaack

Well everybody, I'm back with a whole new set of problems to face. With school, work, and church taking up the majority of my time these days I just haven't had much time to get any posts up on my site here lately which I apologize for, but I've noticed a few things in today's world that I just can't seem to get past. Number one on my list is the fact that today's athletes don't seem to think that cheating is an issue which sports should be concerned about, at least not when it comes to steroids. I guess it's just one of those small inconveniences that sports should overlook. When your head swells up to the size of a beach ball and you start hitting home runs that seem never to fall your just having a good year. For goodness sakes, the FBI has even released info that it informed the MLB about the use of steroids in the early 90's and nothing was done. Are we really putting the importance on what is real in the game or are we starting to worry more about our shoe deals and how many homers we hit than trying to win the championship and be a good example for the kids that look up to us? I don't know. Maybe my vision isn't blurred by the mark of strong steroid use and horse tranquilizers. To say the least I certainly think baseball needs to reevaluate their drug testing program and what is most important in the sport.
Glad to see you made it back, my friend. I was beginning to worry... :)
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